Sunday, May 17, 2009

Re: Engagement

No matter how crazy my life is, no matter how unsure I am of the next step in life, no matter what stuff is happening, the lives of other people keep going on.


Friday, May 15, my little bro, Daniel, proposed to his freakin' awesome girlfriend, Leah Casky.  OH, yeah, she said Yes!!! 


So, in honor of my brother, I am making a list of why he is awesome:


1.  He actually paid for his ring!!  Here's the story.  Our grandma left us one diamond.  Me, being the loving big brother, I took it and used it for when I proposed.  I spent a total of about $500 on a ring that is worth about $5000.   Daniel actually went out, saved a crap load of money, bought a flippin' awesome ring and it's BE-E-A-UTIFUL!!!!  WOW!!


2.  He has lived like 5 places since he graduated from high school.  He lived in Africa, West Viriginia, back in Charlotte, Montana, Asheville, Montana, back in Charlotte.  Wow!!  He lived the life, did what he wanted and then decided to sort of settle down.  I'm a little jealous of all the cool stuff he has done in the last 7 or 8 years.  


3.  He picked an awesome girl.  Leah is the perfect complement to him.  They are both freakin' crazy, exciting, funny and all kinds of weird.  She is perfect for him.  I've prayed that he would find someone who would complement him the way Tracy complements me.  I would be totally incomplete without Tracy, now that's Daniel and Leah.  SWEET!!!


4.  He has good taste in beverages.  I'll leave it at that...fat tire.


5.  He's a risk taker


6.  He can do anything.  He made Tracy and I a table of like 5 different types of wood - oak, maple, cherry, other stuff.  He can paint.  He's all over the place.  He can do just about anything. 


7.  He has really cool goals.  He doesn't see life as a boring job to be had, but an exploration that he has been on for 26 years.


8.  He loves Jesus.


9.  Tigger, Kentuck Mumbler, etc.


10.  He is the only other person in the world who truly understands how weird our parents are!


11.  He is crazy loyal, especially to our family.  He's a much better grandson, nephew, son, etc. than me.



I think I'm going to stop at 11.  I don't have to have a good even number.  I'm just going to stop there.  My brother is my best male friend in this world (only Tracy is closer).  I don't think many people in this world have brothers as good as mine.  He's awesome.  I can't wait for him to be married, have some babies, do awesome things with his life!  


So, yeah, he and Leah are engaged.  I'm pumped!  The ring is beautiful (see above).

I'm done.