Tuesday, December 30, 2008


hey yall. I am updating this blog using tracys phone. so this will be short. God is really doing amazing things. Pray that tonight is another special night. We are getting ready to start. I can't figure out how to do a comma. Anyways.tonight is Third Day and Ergun Caner. it should be an incredible night. Thanks for all your prayers. my fingers are tired. I'm done.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Xtreme Update 1 - Monday Night

Well, we are here, and I'm really tired. 

But, it has been one of the most amazing nights ever for our youth group.  An awesome guy named Tony Nolan spoke to us tonight and brought da THUNDA!!!  It was great, he spoke the gospel simply and plainly.  A big number of our youth made recommitments and realized there need for a stronger commitment to Christ. 

There were 2 of our teenagers who, for the first time, committed there life to Christ!!!!!


Well, I'm too tired to write anymore.

We are here, check back tomorrow for more info. 

Check out this picture of Daniel Stephenson.  That's what happens to youth leaders on a trip!!!



Monday, December 8, 2008

Re: What is Jesus telling you to do?

Macedonia Family,

Sunday, I was given the privilege to share with you all what God has been speaking to my heart lately.  But, the biggest thing that God has been speaking to my heart lately is something that goes beyond Sunday morning.  I think so many times we're guilty of hearing the sermon and being moved at a worship service, but finding ourselves back in the same rut on Monday morning.

So, I want to ask you to consider again some of the ideas we spoke of Sunday morning!
What Jesus do you believe in?  Convenient Jesus? Rabbits foot Jesus? Or, the dangerous Jesus of the Bible!?!?!?!
What risk is Jesus leading you to take that you just aren't taking?
I want to hear from you and what the Lord is doing in your heart.   I also encourage you to be in this conversation with those closest to you.  Ask yourselves on a daily basis - what does Jesus want me to do today?

What risk does He want me to take?  What bold move is He leading me to?
For me, God has been leading my heart over the course of a few years and he's implanted into my heart 3 big risks for the church:
1.  That we would boldly reach the unchurched people in our community (and don't kid yourselves, there's a bunch of them and you know some of them)
2.  That we would plant churches in communities that are out of our reach (Holly Springs, Dunn/Erwin, Sanford, etc.)
3.  That pastors and missionaries would come out of our church and spread the name of Jesus across the globe.


If we plant a church or send missionaries, we might be sending families who are big givers and who are heavily involved in ministry.  But, IN GOD'S ECONOMY, the dollar doesn't matter.

What matters is:
That we go and make disciples of all nations!
That we further God's kingdom, not ours!

So, what's God leading you to: 
Share with me! Share with your friends, spouse, children!


Leave some comments here to continue this discussion.

I'm done.