Sunday, October 5, 2014

Blog Restart #12 (ish)

From about the age of 19, I have kept a journal of the events taking place in my life and all of my deep thoughts, concerns, prayers, hopes and dreams.  Around the age of 27, I also started a blog and have written here very rarely over the last 7 years or so.  For one reason or another, I was considering my past and decided to read over past blog entries and what I was writing about during those times in my life, when, alas, it inspired me to write again.  I would love to say this will be a regular commitment, but who knows?!?!?!

To catch you up (and by you, I mean the one person who accidentally reads this:), Tracy and I now have 3 children - Wyatt (5), Avery (3) and Wilson (1).  I just finished my Master's Degree in School Administration in May and have recently begun to lead the youth ministry at Pleasant Union Christian Church in Lillington, NC (

Tracy and I have also been incredibly grateful lately for the friendships and relationships that God has brought into our life.  I am particularly thankful for a group of guys in my life with whom I have become great friends.  We have a quasi-Bible study going on where we group text each other each day our thoughts as we read through a certain book or portion of the Bible.

Recently, we read through Romans, a book that will make your brain explode as you try to figure out all that is being said!  Nonetheless, it's awesome, and I was especially impacted by Chapter 16 (and not just because it's the last chapter).  In this chapter, Paul sends his greetings to a group of people who are particularly special to him.  Then, he reminds the church in Rome to watch out for people who cause divisions.  Perhaps because friendships have been so important recently, but this is the first time I realized why this chapter "made the cut" to be included in the Bible.  Paul wanted us to realize the importance of relationships and the danger of a divisive person in the church.  How cool is that?!?!

Well, that's as much as I have for now.

I'm done.