Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What's next

I find myself constantly asking, What's next? Whether it's at church, school, or in our family, I always seem to be asking what is the next big project, what can we do to improve, what can we fix, where can we be better?

I have mixed feelings about this personality trait. Sometimes, I think it keeps me on my toes and excited about something new, but at the same time I feel like I am constantly finding myself disgruntled and frustrated with the things I am involved in.

Here are my thoughts about how this characteristic should play out in the 3 big areas of my life:

1. Family - I love fixing up the house and working on little projects here and there. But, I don't want to become obsessed and never spend time with my family because I'm working. I also think it's healthy to discuss with Tracy how our family is doing and how we can improve things like disciplining our children, family devotions, eating healthier, etc. But, I don't want to wish away the years. I want to enjoy each and every day with Wyatt and Avery and Tracy and take full advantage of TODAY! So, maybe, with the family, I need to be asking less of what's next and enjoying more of what's now!

2. Work - I think it's healthy to always be looking forward at work, but it's also important to take care of the task at hand. I think I have begun to prioritize my work efforts such that I am accomplishing my assigned task, my current job to the highest level of effectiveness. However, I do my best to incorporate some margin in my day so that I can spend time working on future projects, brainstorming how to be better and making sure that I am up on the latest developments.

3. Church - This is the one where I struggle the most. I feel like I am NEVER satisfied with the way we "do" church. I constantly have ideas in my head about how we can do things better and about how we can reach more people, preach more effectively, organize the ministries more strategically, etc. etc. I actually think it's really healthy to be asking what's next. I don't think, though, that it needs to come with an attitude of superiority or anger about what is happening at church now, just a realization of how we could do better and movement towards that.

We will never reach a state of perfection in any of these areas. And, I think if I ever get to the place where I say I've got it figured out, I probably will be the one who needs to change!

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