Monday, August 18, 2008

Re: Missions

God has been dealing with me on some pretty big issues lately. And, I want to take some time here to sort of write these thoughts down.

One of the biggest things that I've been learning from the Lord is the idea of seizing divine moments. When God gives you an opportunity to follow through with something He is calling you to do, it is an opportunity to seize a divine moment.

What are the moments that God is placing in front of you?
What excuses are you using to avoid the opportunity to seize?
Who in your life is a discouraging voice in the face of these opportunities?
Who is an encouraging voice?

I believe that the voice of God in our hearts is often pushed away because of hurdles that we can't see a way over. We are guilty of not seeing the forest for the trees. We're too stuck in our little lives and our tiny circumstances to see the part we play in the grand purpose of the Creator.

If that's you today, I pray that you will seize whatever divine moment God is placing in front of you. As I have taken the first step of seizing that moment, God has continued to display to me each step along the way.

I'm done.