Monday, April 21, 2008

Re: Being the church

If I was asked what lesson God was searing into my heart over the last year, the overwhelming answer is simple, that we are to "be the church".

For my entire life, being at the church has been normal. My parents were a part of church growing up and we were always there, for everything, always!! But, as the Lord has been teaching me recently, the idea of being the church has little or nothing to do with a building and everything to do with actions that are reflective of the presence of Christ in one's life.

Saturday, a friend of mine was involved in a fundraiser for a guy who was injured at work, had no disability insurance and had a young daughter at home. He is a single father, and with his injuries he will be out of work for a few more months. The awesome thing about this fundraiser: it was initiated by individuals. These individuals came from different churches, backgrounds, religious beliefs, etc. But, they were all united in raising money for someone in need.

Shouldn't that be how we represent Christ? We shouldn't be dependent on an event at the church to share Christ through our lives. We shouldn't have to wait for the church to schedule something so that we can volunteer our time for a worthy cause.

To my friend, thank you for being an example to me. Thank you for shining like a star as you hold out the word of life and shine as a light for Christ in a world that is filled with darkness.

Jesus, give me the courage to do the same!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Re: Chicago

I have not updated in a long time and there's really no good reason for it. I was very motivated at the beginning to write some awesome articles about Jesus, life, stuff and other random thoughts that pop out of my head.

Well, what has happened in the last few months? By far, the best thing I've done was surprise Tracy with a 3 day trip to Chicago. We flew to Chicago on SkyBus, the now non-existent discount airline. We only paid 10 bucks each for our tickets. Maybe that's why they're bankrupt?

Those are a few of our pictures from Chicago. It was so awesome. It was the first time in my life that I actually surprised Tracy. She's like a flippin' detective. She always figures out everything. I actually booked the trip and kept my big mouth shut for over 2 months. The main reason that she always figures stuff out is because I'm stupid and terrible at hiding stuff, so it normally slips out.

One of the most important things I have been learning through the last few months, and it was reinforced to me on this trip, is the importance of protecting your wife in ministry. It's always possible for the wife of a pastor to get some unrealistic expectations slapped on her back. But, I have taken seriously the importance of protecting my wife.

She's not your typical pastor's wife who plays the piano, leads children's ministry, teaches all the womens classes and cooks 15 meals a week for everyone who's ever been sick. Tracy has a full-time job, she's the best math teacher ever, she's a softball coach (also the best ever) and I refuse to ask her to take care of 38 different ministries at the church.

God has called her to work with teenagers, so she's a middle school girls small group leader in our youth group. Her ministry, though, is not limited to that, she is in the midst of hundreds of teenagers and teachers every day, living as a light for Christ.

Sidenote: She's definitely the hottest teacher at school, she actually has a student who has a crush on her and had another teacher ask her out the other day!!! Ha!! (He must have missed the big fat diamond on her hand)

Anyways. That's my 2 cents for today. I love ministry, I love teenagers, I love being a pastor. But, none of that comes anywhere near how much I love Tracy. And, she's way more important than anything at the church. She's my #1 ministry and I refuse to fail as the leader of my home!

Ok. I'm done.